We are an international Trade Fair Organization with our headquarter in Neuss, Germany (near Düsseldorf). Founded in November 2014 with four national fairs, we have grown very fast and now, in 2017, we are proud to represent 22 fairs in four branches in eight countries.

With over 1.600 exhibitors and 170.000 visitors we reach a very broad community interested in our up-to-date topics. 


Veggie World has started with 21 exhibitors in Wiesbaden in 2011. Since then, it was a real success story. Halls were overrun by exciting visitors and the media.

Since the takeover of Wellfairs in November 2014, expansion is a big issue for us. In 2016, Wellfairs has already been organizing 9 fairs at 8 locations in 4 countries.

Now in 2017, we have increased further to 6 fairs in Germany and 10 in other parts of Europe.


Paracelsus Messe

Paracelsus is Germany´s oldest and still one of the biggest health fairs here. In 2017, we were pleased to be able to celebrate the fairs 25th anniversary. With its locations in Düsseldorf and Wiesbaden it is firmly established in the calendar of many pharmaceutical companies, wellness providers and Spas, homeopaths, doctors and many more related to healing, health and prevention. 


Gourmet Festivals

Before moving to the current location, the famous luxury street “Königsallee” in Düsseldorf, our Gourmet Festival started at the event location “Galopprennbahn”. After moving to the new location, the festival steadily grew in size and importance and today we nearly fill the whole street with 200 exhibitors and about 40.000 people each year.

Since 2015 we also organize the “Festival der Genüsse” on the forecourt of the chocolate museum in Cologne. 

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We also put your ideas to practice!

You want to set up your own idea of a trade fair but you need help with planning and implementation? Please feel free to contact us!

We look back on several decades of experience in this area and we are more than happy to help you to realize your ideas – as implementer, advisor, sparring partner or service provider. 

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